Youth Partnership

Youth Partnership of Bergen County, NJ

Attention Bergen County Youth (Ages 14 to 21)

This is your opportunity to be part of Youth Partnership by participating in leadership training, community service projects as well as educational and cultural events. We hold our meetings every other Sunday. Our activities which we plan during our meetings are scheduled based on groups availability.


Next Meeting/Activity: TO BE ANNOUNCED (contact Fatina Habehh at 201-647-7229)

Our newcomers meeting is last Wednesday of every month. 

Other ways to contact the Youth Coordinator- Office # 201.796.6209 x 220 or by email YP18@FSOBERGEN.ORG


Some of our Current and Past Projects/Activities include:




We believe in healthy bodies/healthy minds. One can’t be without the other, this is why sometimes we do Yoga!!!

youth doing yoga



2012-2013 Tile Mosaic


We decided to not hold no expectations when we first started to contact many tile companies asking for tile donations. Surprisingly with a simple letter friend we were met with a bunch of open hands ready to donate their scraps. We cleaned, sorted, and finally put together this masterpiece in our meeting room. We understand the importance of handwritten envelopes, this is why our thank you letter consisted of photos and a greeting card. More pictures to come. Moonlight Limo owner Mike helped by donating his time and vehicle to transport the tiles.


Gluing tiles and Finishing touches


2012 Bottle Cap Project

2011 Youth Partnership State Wide Conference